HYDEF programme achieves key milestones ahead of schedule

By Defence Industry Europe

The European Hypersonic Defence Interceptor programme, known as HYDEF, achieved crucial technical and management milestones ahead of schedule.


The HYDEF programme, an ambitious endeavor co-funded by the European Union and five member states—Belgium, Germany, Norway, Poland, and Spain—has successfully completed the Mission Concept Milestone (MCM) and the first Progress Review Meeting (PRM1). These milestones mark pivotal advancements in the project aimed at developing a state-of-the-art interceptor capable of neutralizing hypersonic threats.

During the two-day session, the HYDEF consortium, consisting of 14 companies from seven European nations, gathered to consolidate the initial requirements and concepts for the system. “The first version of the Concept of Operations has been approved, providing a clear path forward for the development phases,” stated the project coordinator from SMS. The MCM facilitated the early collection and allocation of inputs from core stakeholders, enhancing collaborative efforts within the programme.



The PRM1, held between the HYDEF Programme Division and the project coordinator, provided an opportunity to review the overall status of the programme. It covered various aspects such as progress, key performance indicators, scheduling, risks, and financial management. “Both milestones were achieved well in advance of their deadlines, which is a testament to the commitment and expertise of all parties involved,” noted a spokesperson from HYDEF.

The HYDEF programme was initiated in response to the European Defence Fund’s 2021 call for an “Endo-atmospheric Interceptor” to protect against high-velocity aerial threats. With a total funding of €110 million, the project emphasizes the development of an interceptor that integrates cutting-edge technologies in propulsion, aerodynamics, advanced guidance systems, and sensors.



Looking ahead, the HYDEF Consortium plans to focus on the concept study phase, which will assess the feasibility of the proposed interceptor. This phase is structured around two main activities leading up to the Mission Definition Review (MDR) and the Project Readiness Review (PRR), alongside the parallel maturation of critical technologies.

“The successful early achievements of these milestones not only keep the HYDEF programme on track but also reinforce Europe’s strategic capability to defend against emerging aerial threats,” concluded the spokesperson. The project’s next major phases are eagerly anticipated as Europe takes a significant step forward in its defence technology capabilities.



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