AVT Australia launches new variants of the CM62 gimbal

Source: AVT Australia

AVT Australia announced the launch of two new CM62 variants, a Tri-Zoom EO configuration and an Extended LWIR configuration, to offer increased multi-domain flexibility without sacrificing the superior ISR capabilities of the CM62 Micro Gimbal.

The CM62 Micro Gimbal is the first payload of its kind that delivers superior EO/LWIR capabilities in a miniature 260g system. The CM62 incorporates an innovative onboard video processor to provide high definition EO imagery with 25x zoom, along with a custom long-wave infrared (LWIR) core. For reliability in all-weather conditions and environments, the CM62 is ruggedised to an IP67 rating.

The new Tri-Zoom EO configuration has an intermediate lens for enhanced mid-range performance and a longer focal-length narrow lens, resulting in 42% more pixels on target compared to the standard CM62 configuration. This makes it perfect for situations when enhanced EO image quality is required for daytime operations. The system is configurable to either single stream continuous zoom (56° HFOV – 0.8° HFOV) or dual stream, with stream #1 providing 56° HFOV – 5° HFOV and stream #2 providing 5° HFOV – 0.8° HFOV.

The new Extended LWIR configuration has an 18° HFOV, resulting in 84% more pixels on target than the standard configuration CM62. This makes it perfect for situations where extended standoff distances are required.


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