Azerbaijan to buy more loitering systems from Israeli defence industry

By Arie Egozi

With the renewed tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Baku is negotiating the purchase of additional Israeli-made weapon systems, with a focus on advanced loitering systems.


One is the SpyX, made by the Israeli company BlueBird in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) that purchased 50% of the company’s shares. Azerbaijan has been a big customer for Israeli-made weapon systems and has special defence relations with Israel.



Armenia announced on Tuesday that two of its soldiers had been killed by Azerbaijani fire. This was one of the most serious instances since the two sides started negotiating an agreement to end more than 30 years of intermittent war last year.

The SpyX loitering weapon system is creating significant interest in some European countries due to the war in Ukraine. Morocco was one of the first customers for the SpyX. The SpyX has a 50 km operational range, 1.5 hours mission time, autonomous electro-optical guided attack, optimal effect-on-target, and tight integration with BlueBird’s VTOL ISR UAV family.



According to the company, this groundbreaking technology represents a significant milestone in the evolution of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and brings a new era of precision and efficiency to the battlefield, and at an extremely affordable price.

SpyX, developed by BlueBird Aero Systems, is an expendable electric mini-UAV, designed for loitering & strike missions, to enable tactical teams to organically detect, confirm, and hit targets at ranges up to 50 km. To increase its target detection capabilities, the SpyX is integrated with a revolutionary belly-mounted dual-sensor stabilized payload and advanced video tracker, to enable autonomous and accurate electro-optical guided attack on the target.



To increase its effectiveness, the 2.5 kg warhead (like combined anti-personnel, anti-vehicles, or anti-tank warheads) is loaded to the SpyX Loitering Munition just before launch, as per the required effect-on-target.


Learn more about BlueBird’s SpyX loitering munition system: BlueBird introduces the SpyX, an advanced loitering munition system.



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