Barco projector selected for USAF Joint Simulation Environment program

Source: Barco press release

Belgian company Barco announced that the Barco F70-4K6 projector is part of the Collins Aerospace visual display solution on the USAF Joint Simulation Environment (JSE) program.

The Barco F70-4K6 laser-phosphor projector will provide the optimal combination of resolution, brightness and the lowest acquisition and life-cycle cost to the program.

Barco F70 4K6
Image: Barco.

The Barco F70-4K6 is driven by the powerful Pulse image processing electronics and a high-brightness laser-phosphor light engine. The open architecture interface to Barco simulation projectors allows Collins Aerospace to extend their dynamic EP-series of image generators and display control tools into the projector for seamless real-time performance in various conditions such as time-of-day and atmospheric-related conditions.

“We are very excited to have been selected for this program,” says Dan Czajkowski, Director, Simulation at Barco. “High-performance training in an environment such as this demands not only high fidelity and a proven performance of the visual system, but also the expertise and unique ability to leverage the technologies so that it performs at its best. We continue to lead the industry and deliver unsurpassed price/performance value to our customers”, Dan Czajkowski concludes.


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