Boeing delivers two advanced F-15EX Eagle II fighters to USAF

By Defence Industry Europe

The United States Air Force has expanded its fleet with the arrival of two F-15EX Eagle II fighter aircraft, identified as EX3 and EX4, at Eglin Air Force Base on December 20.


The newly arrived EX3 and EX4 are equipped with innovative features for extensive testing. These include a novel cockpit pressure monitor and warning system, an ultra-high frequency antenna for enhanced satellite communications, and a redesigned forward fuselage specifically tailored for the needs of the U.S. Air Force.


This delivery completes the F-15EX program’s commitments at Eglin AFB for the current year. However, the program’s activities are far from over, with a comprehensive testing and operational schedule planned for 2023. Earlier in the year, the first two F-15EX aircraft participated in significant operations such as Northern Edge 2023 in Alaska, demonstrating their advanced weapons integration capabilities. They also engaged in the Combat Hammer exercise at Hill AFB in Utah, where they successfully employed advanced air-to-ground weapons, showcasing their combat readiness.



The Operational Test and Evaluation director’s report has recognized the F-15EX Eagle II’s operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability. This acknowledgment not only underscores the aircraft’s advanced capabilities but also signals the commencement of a new phase in its testing and development.

F-15EX Eagle II fighters are manufactured by the American defence and aerospace giant, Boeing.



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