Bundeswehr deploys PATRIOT air defence sytem in Vilnius to protect NATO summit

Source: Lithuanian Army, Defence Industry Europe

The Bundeswehr of Germany is deploying the PATRIOT long-range air defence system in Vilnius. Along with our Allies, the Lithuanian Armed Forces supports the security preparations, enhanced guard on land, territorial waters and in the air, for the NATO Summit of July 11-12 in Vilnius.

It is the first time the PATRIOT system has combat tasks in Lithuania, the perfection of its operation on site will be ensured by a German crew on the basis of collective decisions. Other combat capabilities will deploy to Lithuania too in accordance with plans, procedures, communications and logistical solutions coordinated in advance ahead of the NATO Summit.

Over the duration of the Summit, Lithuanian Armed Forces and Allies’ units will provide additional airspace defence measures, security to critical sites, routes and dignitaries, security checks of lodging and transport, explosive preventive checks in concrete quarters. Logistical capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will support smooth execution of the different operations and miscellaneous units will assist with special duty assignments.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces has earmarked over 3000 troops to the security of the NATO Summit in Vilnius. Another security preparatory measure it conducts is assessment of the information environment. Hostile information operations, cyber-attacks and misleading information spread, intensified migrant flow from Belarus, military equipment and aircraft maneuvers at the borders of the Republic of Lithuania, instigation of public unrest and panic by means of spreading hoax on social media are highly probable.



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