Bundeswehr orders 53 engines for Puma infantry fighting vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Bundeswehr is set to receive 53 new engines for its Puma armored infantry fighting vehicles, following a recent contract closure with Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH, formerly known as MTU Friedrichshafen. Valued at over 129 million euros, this contract marks the largest order in recent years for the Bundeswehr's spare parts requirements.


To ensure the long-term operational readiness of the Puma armored vehicles, their engines must undergo regular overhauls at fixed intervals. The Bundeswehr requires a sufficient number of replacement engines to maintain a rotation reserve.



The overhaul of the Puma’s engines is scheduled every 1,000 operational hours, after 10,000 kilometers of travel, or every ten years. Prior to maintenance, these engines need to be removed from the vehicles and replaced.

This new contract equips the Bundeswehr with an adequate supply of replacement engines, significantly boosting the readiness of the vehicles for training, exercises, and mission-like commitments.



The first batch of engines is expected to be delivered in May 2024, with the entire delivery process planned to be completed by June 2025.



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