Chinook for the Bundeswehr: Boeing awards ESG ESOH-analysis contract

Source: ESG, Defence Industry Europe

Boeing has commissioned ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH to conduct an analysis of the extensive ground support equipment for the 60 CH-47F Block II Chinook heavy-lift helicopters ordered by the German Armed Forces. The so-called ESOH analysis (Environment, Safety & Occupational Health) evaluates the environmental compatibility of the material, safety and health protection of the machines and tools used for operation, maintenance and repair. The contract marks an important milestone on the way to introducing Germany's new heavy-lift helicopter into the Bundeswehr.


Furthermore, the new contract underlines the long-standing and trusting cooperation between Boeing and ESG. ESG is the first partner of the German Chinook industrial team to receive a corresponding order from Boeing. “Even though the procurement of the future CH-47F Chinook fleet is a government business, it has always been clear to us that the German security and defense industry must be actively involved in the program from the very beginning,” said Dr. Michael Haidinger, President, Boeing Germany. “With ESG and our other German industry partners, we will ensure maximum operational capability for the Bundeswehr for decades to come.”


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The collaboration between Boeing and ESG marks the beginning of the development of a robust local infrastructure in Herzberg (Brandenburg) to support the German Chinook fleet. “With the ESOH analysis, we are creating an important basis for the successful introduction and utilization of the CH-47F Chinook – we are thus moving into the concrete implementation of this pioneering project. At the same time, it once again demonstrates the wide range of our services as a reliable partner to the German Armed Forces and industry,” says Katja Ziegler, Managing Director of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH.

Together with other partners of the German Chinook industrial team ESG will drive forward the next important steps of the STH program with Boeing. “We are very excited about the contract award to ESG, which is a significant step forward,” said Conner Chavez, Director, Boeing Global Services Germany. “With ESG and our other German partners, we are setting the course for a future where innovation, sustainability and local value creation go hand in hand with the requirements of the Bundeswehr.”


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Boeing’s German industrial team combines decades of experience in the operation of heavy transport helicopters. The companies have been familiar with the maintenance and repair of the Bundeswehr’s current CH-53G fleet for decades. This important experience will enable a smooth transition to the CH-47F Chinook and allow the requirements of the German Air Force to be optimally supported.



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