Cyprus in negotiations with Israel for acquisition of Merkava Mk3 tanks

By Defence Industry Europe

Cyprus is reportedly in talks with Israel to acquire Merkava Mk3 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), according to information published by the Israeli daily newspaper, Haaretz on June 22.

An official from Cyprus, who remained anonymous, confirmed ongoing discussions with Israel but declined to provide further specifics about the potential deal or a timeline for its conclusion.

In a recent interview with the economic daily Calcalist, Yair Kulas, the head of the Israeli Defence Ministry’s export coordination department, disclosed that Israel is in negotiation with two nations regarding the sale of older Merkava 2 and Merkava 3 tanks, no longer in active service in the Israeli army. One of these nations, he hinted, is located in Europe.

If the deal materializes, this would be a milestone for Israel as its first sale of a Merkava tank to a European nation. Despite public curiosity, the Defence Ministry has refrained from revealing the identity of the country Kulas referred to.



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