Eficode joins Team Defence Information, strengthening its commitment to defence innovation

Source: Eficode

Eficode, the leading provider of DevOps solutions in Europe, is proud to announce its newest collaboration as a member of Team Defence Information.


This partnership underscores Eficode’s commitment to fostering partnerships and advancing technology within the defence sector.

Team Defence works collaboratively with the Ministry of Defence, industry, and academia to help modernise and transform defence support in the UK – providing a valuable platform for its members to engage in meaningful dialogues and collaborative projects.



Eficode’s reputation for excellence in software development, combined with its strong focus on security and operational efficiency, makes it a valuable addition to Team Defence. Eficode works as a trusted partner within the sector, helping clients working in defence to effectively manage changing requirements – enabling scalability and cost-efficiency while integrating security from the outset.



“Our involvement with Team Defence Information is a pivotal step for Eficode. Leveraging our expertise in secure software development and operational excellence, we aim to contribute substantially to the goals of Team Defence Information. This collaboration opens new avenues for us to play a pivotal role in enhancing defence sector collaborations and technological breakthroughs.” said James Norwood, Global Defence Lead at Eficode.



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