EID reveals new TerraNex and OceaNex product families

Source: EID

Portuguese defence technology company EID has launched its new TerraNex and OceaNex product families, which will be the company’s new brands for its leading land and naval families of defence communications systems.

Marking its 40th anniversary, EID has refreshed its product offering, building on its experience in developing high tech communications solutions for the land and maritime domains.

Frederico Lemos, Executive President at EID, said: “We’re delighted to be launching new brands for our current and future solutions. As we continue to develop and innovate to meet the needs of the armed forces of today and tomorrow, our products will now sit within the TerraNex brand for those in the land domain and the OceaNex brand for those in the naval domain.”

The TerraNex family of land system products includes EID’s renowned fully integrated dismounted Soldier Systems and its simple, scalable and interoperable Vehicle Intercom Systems. The TerraNex solutions enable high quality and secure communications for soldiers, whether they are dismounted or in vehicles.

EID’s OceaNex range builds on its existing maritime solutions, including the Integrated Communications System (ICS) and Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) – a complete, scalable communications solution for naval vessels. OceaNex allows vessels to collect and distribute information efficiently through internal and external channels, enabling them to accomplish tactical and operational tasks.

Frederico Lemos added: “EID has been supporting armed forces, both domestically in Portugal and in international markets, for the past four decades. This experience and global footprint has helped us to develop state-of-the-art technologies that are fundamental in supporting the important operations of armed forces across the globe. Our customers are operating in increasingly complex and contested environments and dealing with an ever evolving array of threats. Armed forces can rely on the OceaNex and TerraNex product families to provide reliable, secure, flexible and survivable communication systems”.



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