EU Military Forum – From the Chairman

By General Robert Brieger, Chairman of the EU Military Commitee

Dear comrades and friends,

It is with great pleasure that we launch the number “one” of the new EU Military Forum, a place to discuss and share ideas and perspectives on military matters related to the European Union, and not only.

As announced in the last edition of the previous Newsletter, this is more than a name change or a different appearance. It is about opening a forum (hence the name) where readers at different levels will find the EU military perspective at the strategic level. The overall objective remains to involve the enlarged military and civilian community serving Europe’s security and defence, in building up and consolidating a most needed common European Defence culture. Especially today, when we sail together through the uncharted waters of a worrying security scenario… In this way, we believe our efforts will complement the excellent job that the Impetus, the Magazine edited by the EU Military Staff, continues to provide.

EU Military Forum 1/2022.
Front cover of “EU Military Forum” 1/2022.

The EU Military Forum is intended to be more than a one-way expression of ideas and thoughts in the context of security and defence. Each edition will gather contributions from partners inside and outside the EU Institutions, covering current affairs and looking at the future, always from a military perspective, or with a military interest. At the same time, the Q&A section at the end of the magazine will provide an opportunity for the readers to interact with us. The questions you will find in this edition come from the personnel in my cabinet, to break the ice. Last, but not least, I shall express my sincere thanks to the team that has made this Forum real, and to the first contributors, who have answered promptly and enthusiastically to our requests.

In conclusion, I will not hide it: this is a challenging, ambitious endeavor. For the staff we can count on, but also for the Forum itself, in finding and consolidating its position in an already crowded information environment. The success of this initiative depends on several factors, but the most relevant one will be your support. For our part, we promise to remain committed. As Leonardo da Vinci used to say: “Not the one who begins, but the one who perseveres!”, also the motto of a most inspiring school ship I recently visited, the Amerigo Vespucci.

Enjoy the read!


Gen Robert Brieger
Chairman of the EU Military Committee


“EU Military Forum” 1/2022 – click here to read the magazine.


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