Finnish Defence Forces: new ski equipment for northern troops

Source: Finnish Defence Forces

NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has completed the competitive tendering process for ski equipment that meets the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces. Through the NSPA, the Defence Forces Logistics Command will acquire more than 8,000 pairs of ski equipment for the Ground Forces' northern troops.

The total value of the purchase, including VAT, is almost EUR 3 million. It includes skis and bindings supplied by KSF Sport Oy, poles supplied by Peltonen Ski Oy and spare parts for ski equipment.

The new ski equipment will be delivered to the Jaeger Brigade and Kainuu Brigade during the winter season 2023–2024. The ski equipment is designed to function and carry especially in the unbroken snow conditions of northern Finland.

“With the help of the new skis, we will improve the combatants’ ability to advance especially in deep snow. The weight of the combatants and the equipment they carry has increased over time, which has also set new requirements for the skis. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques have made it possible to lengthen and widen the skis without major increase in their mass. The dimensioning has been successful – the skis have better load-bearing capacity than before, but they are still suitable for the general use by the troops. The new skis can be used wearing any military footwear, whereas the existing ski bindings require that the users wear winter rubber boots,” says Colonel Juhana Skyttä, Infantry Inspector from the Army Command.

The existing ski equipment will remain in use with the troops operating in areas where the volume of deep snow is smaller than in the north.

The total value of the three-year framework agreements concluded by the NSPA with Finnish companies, excluding VAT, exceeds EUR 11 million. The employment impact of the first ski equipment procurement in Finland is approximately 20 man years.

The NSPA framework agreements also enable other countries to join the procurement between 2023 and 2025, which would generate advantage of volume and operational compatibility between the northern troops.



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