Germany and France progress with MGCS programme

By Defence Industry Europe

Germany and France have taken a significant stride forward in the development of the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) programme, reaffirming their commitment to enhancing cooperation in the field of new-generation land platforms. On September 21, the Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany, Boris Pistorius, and the Minister of the Armed Forces of the French Republic, Sébastien Lecornu, jointly announced key decisions regarding the MGCS initiative.


During Minister Pistorius’s visit to France, a pivotal document outlining the programme’s core directions was formally signed by the chiefs of staff of the land forces from both nations. This monumental step signifies the resolution of most issues concerning differing expectations between the two major users regarding the future combat vehicles. The cornerstone for overcoming these challenges lies in the concept of “modular design,” which will be integral to the MGCS programme’s success.



Ministers Pistorius and Lecornu also underlined the paramount importance of fostering collaboration between their countries in the domain of next-generation land platforms. Additionally, they announced an accord addressing the requirements expressed by the land forces of both nations.



Notably, the MGCS programme is set to break new ground by transcending the traditional boundaries of a tank. Analogous to the FCAS (Future Combat Air System)programme, MGCS will evolve into a comprehensive “system of systems.” This framework will encompass a new generation tank, alongside other manned vehicles, land and air unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced munitions (including missiles), the incorporation of cloud-based information technology, and more.

Further clarification was provided concerning the timeline for achieving operational capability. Contrary to prior reports indicating readiness by 2035, the MGCS system is now slated for full operational capability by the year 2040.

Moreover, the programme is open to welcoming additional partners, with potential participants including Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, and Italy expressing their keen interest. These developments signal a promising future for MGCS, reinforcing its status as a pivotal endeavor in the realm of European defence collaboration.



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