MGCS: Berlin and Paris agree to continue work on the new generation tank

On July 10, the French Minister of Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu, and the German Minister of Defence, Boris Pistorius, announced the current progress of the Franco-German Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) programme.

According to them, the MGCS programme has entered the “operational” phase. As part of this phase, regular intergovernmental consultations will be held to ensure political control over the programme, which is of strategic importance to both partners.

The next meeting is planned for  September 22, during which the land force commanders of both countries will present the requirements for the future tank and other vehicles to be developed under the MGCS programme. This is expected to even accelerate the programme.

By the end of the year, both countries are expected to formulate a document containing joint requirements for future land combat systems, with the tank at the forefront.



Ministers Lecornu and Pistorius announced that deliveries will begin between 2035 and 2040 (originally 2035 was indicated), and the intended tank will not resemble the current designs.

Both ministers stated in agreement that rumors of misunderstandings between the partners, which could lead to the abandonment of the MGCS programme, are just rumors, and both Berlin and Paris are committed to realizing the programem together.

Interestingly, Pistorius mentioned that the MGCS tank does not have to be identical in France and Germany, to the extent that they can differ in terms of guns. The German minister stated that the turret and chassis must be shared, but the guns (140mm French and 130mm German) can be developed in parallel. This suggests that the main armament of the Franco-German tank of the future is still a matter of dispute.



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