Swift Response 24: U.S. artillery conducts live fire drills in Sweden

By Defence Industry Europe

For the first time, U.S. artillery units have conducted live-fire exercises at the Skillingaryd firing range in Sweden. This event is part of the larger NATO exercise Swift Response 24, which involves over 2,000 soldiers from the United States, Italy, Spain, and Hungary. The exercise, integrated within NATO's largest series of exercises since the Cold War named Steadfast Defender, emphasizes the alliance's readiness and operational capabilities.


Swift Response 24 is designed to enhance interoperability among NATO forces and demonstrates the strategic use of the Skillingaryd range, a site with a century-long military history previously used by Sweden’s Artillery Regiment. The drills also aim to showcase modern artillery tactics and technology, contributing significantly to the overall objectives of Steadfast Defender by ensuring the readiness of allied forces.



This multinational exercise underscores the importance of international cooperation and the role of strategic military exercises in maintaining security and preparedness within the NATO alliance framework.



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