Germany: Luftwaffe ready to deploy Israeli-made Heron TP UAVs

By Defence Industry Europe

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe), has declared its Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), made by Israel Aerospace Industries, ready for operational use within Germany’s borders, with flights set to begin in mid-May, the Luftwaffe announced on Thursday.


These Israeli-made drones received their airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Office in Kiel on May 2nd, marking a significant milestone in Germany’s drone operations.

The Luftwaffe is now authorized to commence flights from the air base in Jagel, situated in northern Germany.

The Heron TP UAVs, known for their advanced surveillance capabilities, were approved by the German Military Aviation Authority at the end of 2022.

Since then, they have been manned by German teams operating from a base in Israel.

The operational approval for these UAVs extends globally, allowing for a broad range of missions and operational flexibility.

According to defence sources, the Heron TP is designated to serve as an interim solution that bridges the gap between the older Heron 1 system and the forthcoming Eurodrone, a collaborative medium-range UAV project spearheaded by Airbus.



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