Germany donates two MANTIS air defence systems to Slovakia

By Defence Industry Europe

The Slovak Ministry of Defence has signed a donation agreement with Germany for two MANTIS very short-range air defence systems. The systems will enhance the protection of Slovakia's eastern border with Ukraine, supported by national and allied capabilities.

According to Slovak Minister of Defence Martin Sklenár, the first system will be delivered within a few weeks, with the exact delivery dates being discussed with the German side. The donation of the MANTIS systems is a result of positive reflections from allies towards Slovakia’s responsible partnership and long-standing commitment to national and collective security.

Each of the two systems consists of six automated cannons (expandable to eight), two sensor stations, and a command post. The German delivery also includes three overview radar systems with a range of up to 100 km and training for Slovak soldiers. Forty-four Slovak soldiers are currently undergoing training in Germany under the patronage of the Bundeswehr to operate the MANTIS system and radar for airspace surveillance. Upon their return, they will fulfill defence duties on Slovakia’s eastern border.

The MANTIS air defence system is a stationary, fully automated weapon system designed for continuous defence of ground objects, such as military bases, against rockets, artillery systems, mortars, and unmanned assets. Germany primarily developed MANTIS for the protection of bases in Afghanistan, where German forces were deployed until recently.

The MANTIS air defence system is produced by German defence industry giant Rheinmetall.



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