Germany strengthens Slovakia’s air defence capabilities with MANTIS systems

By Defence Industry Europe

Germany will provide the Slovak Republic with two very short-range air defence systems MANTIS (Modular, Automatic and Network capable Targeting and Interception System). They will be deployed near the border with Ukraine to protect the airspace of Slovakia, the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic announced.

Slovak defence minister Jaroslav Nad’ stressed that Slovak will reacive the two MANTIS air defence systems free of charge and permanently.

According to the announcements of German officials, the MANTIS systems will be transferred to Slovakia “in the coming months”.

MANTIS is the improved version of the Skyshield air defence systems. It was developed by the Oerlikon (now part of Rheinmetall). It fires 35 mm advanced hit efficiency and destruction (AHEAD) air burst munitions to intercept and destroy RAM rounds before they reach their targets.  MANTIS was designed for protection of the ground objects against missiles, artillery projectiles, mortars, and unmanned aerial vehicles. MANTIS also can be used against aircraft and helicopters.



In the original configuration used by the German Armed Forces, each MANTIS system consists of six 35 mm guns (but the systems can be deployed with up to eight guns), two radars (with a range of up to 100 km), a command post, a maintenance console, and an operator simulator.



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