GOVSTACOM Conference: NSPA advocates collaborative innovation in space

Source: NATO Support nad Procurement Agency (NSPA)

On 22 February 2024, Stacy Cummings, General Manager of NSPA, took the stage at the 7th GOVSATCOM Conference in Luxembourg, addressing a diverse audience of over 500 international SATCOM stakeholders from satellite, governmental, institutional, and defence sectors.


Highlighting the theme of collaboration, Stacy Cummings delved into NSPA’s role in fostering cooperation across the Alliance to enhance NATO’s capabilities in the Space domain. She introduced the Support Partnerships structure, a unique aspect of NSPA, citing the Global Commercially Contracted Satellite Communications Support Partnership (GCC SATCOM SP) between the United States and Luxembourg as a prime example.

Expressing gratitude to Luxembourg for its entrepreneurial approach, Stacy Cummings emphasized the significance of partnerships in the evolving technological landscape. She noted the transformative shifts in the market, with commercial actors in Space leading innovative breakthroughs, as evident in the role of mini/commercial drones in modern warfare.




Stacy Cummings asserted that collaboration between industry, governments, and institutions, coupled with the convergence of commercial and military interests and dual-use technology, is pivotal for effective global defence and security. She underlined the necessity for urgent collaboration to rebuild industry capacity, incorporating commonality and interoperability into requirements for the next generation of defence systems.

In addressing the evolving role of Space, Stacy Cummings highlighted that it has transitioned from being merely an enabling capability to becoming an operational domain. She also reiterated that, contrary to militarizing space or seeking autonomy as a space actor, NATO’s goal is to enhance intelligence and surveillance capabilities.



Acting as a facilitator between industry and nations, NSPA ensures interoperability and fosters multinational cooperation, allowing industry to play a significant role. Stacy Cummings concluded by reaffirming NSPA’s commitment to securing the best space capabilities for NATO and Allied Nations, leveraging economies of scale and the most advanced technology available. The overarching message was clear: collaboration is imperative in navigating the challenges of the evolving global security landscape.



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