GSOF Symposium Europe – October 24-26 in Brno, Czech Republic

Source: Global Special Operations Forces Foundation (GSOF), Defence Industry Europe

The Global Special Operations Forces Foundation (GSOF) are holding a symposium in Europe from 24-26th October in Brno, Czech Republic. Defence Industry Europe is honored to be one of the media partners of the event.


The Global SOF Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is growing an international network of military, government, commercial, and educational stakeholders in order to advance SOF capabilities and partnerships to confront global and networked threats. It hosts a series of events, mainly in the United States, but launched its European Symposium in 2016.

GSOF Symposium Europe 2023 (GSOF Europe) saw a gap in the national security conversation: it aims to connect like-minded public and private bodies to increase the understanding of Special Operations. They are highlighting the role that Special Operations can play in addressing global security challenges, especially those emanating from unconventional and transnational sources. It is not a traditional charity but a professional association for SOF dedicated to advocating for SOF globally.

GSOF helps to provide unique speakers at a tailored event to offer perspectives on an element of warfare not discussed at length in the public square.


The Programme

GSOF Europe’s content programme is very strong, with a wide array of speakers speaking on subjects of interest to the special forces community. The programme has been split into two types, the first is an open symposium that is available for all visitors at GSOF to listen to and the second is for military and government attendees only.

From the open symposium sessions Brigadier General Claudiu Dobocan (Commander, Special Operations Forces, Romania) will speak on a panel about the Role of SOF in Competition, Crisis and Conflict. Dr. Isaiah “Ike” Wilson III (Former President of Joint Special Operations University) will give a speech on ‘What Winning (Can) Look Like: Utility of Special Operations in Compound Security Competition.’



GSOF Europe places defence product manufacturers directly in front of military and specialist procurement teams from across the globe. Exhibitors from the UK, Spain, the USA, Slovenia, Australia and many more will be showcasing their prodcuts at the event.

Exhibitors will have the chance to engage with a wide-range of stakeholders from global SOF to understand the requirements and a capability gaps from different nations militaries, then tailor their products as a result.


A Global Reach

GSOF Europe will have a distinctly global flavour with SOF representatives from all over the world expected to be present at the event including: the USA, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, Colombia, Romania and Thailand.



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