HENSOLDT Analytics releases 23-2 update for multi-source intelligence platform


HENSOLDT Analytics, a leader in OSINT and big data fusion, announces the latest innovative changes to their multi-source intelligence platform. In a time when decision makers need real-time, situational awareness at a moment’s notice, the newest updates from the HENSOLDT Analytics team enhance the power of data fusion on both desktops and mobile devices.


Key features of the product release include:

  • Logo and Symbol Detection: Our data fusion platform for multi-source intelligence incorporates logo and symbol detection, and through our Media Mining Client app, users can define and train which logos and symbols should be detected.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Embed: Convert images with text into machine-readable text within the platform itself.
  • Satellite Image Import per request: With advanced access to databases, satellite images can now be integrated into our data fusion platform. By selecting date and location, satellite images are pulled and shown on maps.
  • New Social Media Sources: Incorporate data from social media platforms such as reddit and Instagram for an even more holistic overview of situational awareness.
  • Media Mining Client App: On-the-go accessibility is now available via our mobile app. Gather crowd-sourced intelligence with our survey feature and upload media (images, documents, videos and even text) for immediate analysis.
Defence Industry Europe mobile V2


Additional features for survey answer types include audio, video, and images

  • Language Display Preferences: Our data fusion platform is now available not only in English but also German.

The product release is in line with a continued effort of the HENSOLDT Analytics team to provide fast, innovative solutions for decision makers and analysts in the defence, civil, and civil military co-operation industries.



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