HENSOLDT grows significantly in 2022 financial year


The HENSOLDT Group met or exceeded its target on all key performance indicators in the 2022 financial year. Even before the turning point (Zeitenwende) in German foreign and security policy had time to make a substantial impact on the industry, HENSOLDT once again reported significant growth. An overview of the main pillars on which this success rests - operational performance, innovation, sustainable corporate governance - is provided in the annual report now available.

In the annual report, HENSOLDT looks ahead and also beyond its own company: at the geopolitical environment and how HENSOLDT is positioning itself for the turning point in German security policy. On the technological hotspots of modern conflicts and why HENSOLDT is developing mission-critical components for the defence systems of the future in the field of sensor technology and defence electronics. It also focuses on the innovations from HENSOLDT and the people who make them possible – from the management board to the trainees.

The report documents, for example, how soldiers can use artificial intelligence to see through steel armour to protect themselves. It shows how state-of-the-art digital radar technology is being developed for the Eurofighter combat aircraft and what capabilities are being offered that play a central role in Ukraine’s defence campaign: that of electronic warfare. In addition, HENSOLDT experts explain how data analysis can be used to tap into the World Wide Web as a complementary virtual sensor technology in order to quickly and precisely detect the increasingly diverse threat situations.

In addition, the sustainability report provides insights into the company’s ESG strategy until 2026 and shows the whole variety of initiatives that are to ensure the achievement of ambitious goals within the company. These include the protection of wildlife and the ambition to be carbon neutral by 2035. Projects such as the new building in Oberkochen or the Kiel site, which are largely operated with electricity from renewable energy sources and thus almost completely CO2-neutral, pave the way for this.


Link: HENSOLDT Annual Report 2022.



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