HENSOLDT presents its broad range of innovative sensor technologies at Dubai Airshow 2023


HENSOLDT is showcasing its portfolio of sensor technologies at the Dubai Airshow 2023.


This year’s exhibit highlights HENSOLDT’s latest advancements, including the land passive radar systems and the TRML-4D, HENSOLDT’s robust land radar system, which have demonstrated their strategic importance in current conflict zones such as Ukraine. The ARGOS series is reaching new heights with the introduction of Argos 8, specifically engineered for UAV applications, reflecting HENSOLDT’s agility in meeting the diverse needs of modern surveillance.



The domain of protection systems is experiencing a significant transformation as the AMPS and MILDS Block 2 establish new standards in threat detection and countermeasures. The EuroNav 7, a Level C certified system for Moving Maps, Situational Awareness, and Mission Management, along with the LCR (Lightweight Flight Recorder), is revolutionizing the way missions are managed and situational awareness is maintained. Additionally, the Crypto Units are enhancing secure communications by complying with NATO’s most recent Mode 5 standard.



HENSOLDT’s ground-based surveillance is revolutionized with the introduction of the Spexer 600 and NightOwl M camera – two state-of-the-art technologies that redefine monitoring capabilities. The Spexer 600, a compact AESA X-band radar, boasts exceptional surveillance performance across various applications, both in defence and civilian domains, allowing easy integration on various platforms. Meanwhile, the NightOwl camera, tailored for long-range and medium observation, offers a seamless blend of wide and narrow field views, ensuring detailed identification without compromising on area coverage.



Russell Gould, HENSOLDT’s Head of International Business Development, extends a personal invitation to the airshow attendees: “For decades, HENSOLDT has been a mainstay in the Middle East, delivering advanced surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. We are thrilled to showcase our dedication to innovation and local partnerships at the Dubai Airshow. Our presence is more than an exhibit; it’s a chance to connect with our partners and display our latest technologies that are vital for contemporary defence systems.”

As the aerospace community convenes to experience the extraordinary at the Dubai Airshow, HENSOLDT is ready to participate and steer the dialogue on the future of defence technology. Come and visit us at stand no 735.



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