IAI offers Australia the Barak-MX air defence system

By Arie Egozi

Australia wants Israel made air defence systems. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed an MOU Australian company Daronmont Technologies, to deliver advanced air and missile defence capabilities within the framework of Australian MOD Tender (AIR-6502) for the purchase of defence systems and other ADF programs.

IAI will leverage Daronmont’s proven integration, development and manufacturing capabilities as part of its broad Australian Industry Capability (AIC) strategy to deliver the combat proven Barak-MX Air and Missile Defence (AMD) system providing effective defence to the ADF and Australian national assets, rapid initial operational capability (IOC), and a proven path to Australian industrial sovereignty in the AMD realm.

The Barak-MX Air & Missile Defence System developed by IAI is one of the world’s most advanced operational air defence systems, used by Israel Defence Forces (IDF) naval forces and the Indian Land, Naval and Air Forces as well as with other operators on four continents. The system provides both wide-area and targeted defence capabilities against wide span of threats. Barak-MX aggregates several key cutting-edge systems including AESA radar, weapon control system, launchers, and a family of interceptors for different ranges and most advanced radar seeker, datalink communications and system-wide connectivity.



Ben Norris, CEO, Daronmont Technologies, said: “We’re looking forward to developing our AIC partnership with IAI and working together to deliver a state-of-the-art solution designed to address the capability gap in medium-range ground-based air-defence, should Defence choose IAI to deliver AIR-6502.”

Guy Bar Lev, EVP and GM of Systems, Missiles & Space Group, IAI said: “We are honored to be partnering with Daronmont to offer the Australian MOD Barak-MX defence system, one of the world’s most-advanced air-defence solutions. The Barak family includes various range interceptors, and combines the capability to intercept various air defence threats from both naval and land platforms.”


Learn more about Barak-MX air defence system – visit IAI website.



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