Indonesia orders Ground Master 400 Alpha radars from Thales

By Defence Industry Europe

Indonesia has placed an order for 13 long-range military radars from Thales to enhance its airspace surveillance capabilities across its vast archipelago. The Ground Master 400 Alpha (GM400a) radars will enable the Indonesian military to detect various threats, including aircraft, missiles, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The contract value and duration have not been disclosed, but each radar is worth several tens of millions of dollars.

The Ground Master 400 Alpha radar, with a range of 515 kilometers, incorporates artificial intelligence to manage large data sets.

The purchase reflects Indonesia’s focus on monitoring its surrounding airspace, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region due to growing tensions and China’s assertiveness.

Thales will handle radar construction and information processing systems, while PT Len will be responsible for station construction and radar components.

Thales has experienced significant growth in the radar market and has expanded its production capabilities globally to meet increasing demand and promote technology transfers.


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