IRIS-T SLM intercepted more than 110 targets in Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The German-made IRIS-T SLM air defence system, employed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to protect cities and highly valued objects, has intercepted more than 110 aerial targets, mainly cruise missiles such as Kalibr.

This was reported by Reuters news agency, citing the Chief Program Officer at the German company Diehl Defence (the manufacturer of this air defence system), Harald Buschek. According to Buschek, the IRIS-T SLM air defense systems achieved nearly 100 percent effectiveness in Ukraine.



As Defense Industry Europe reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have so far received two units of IRIS-T SLM air defense system and an additional batch of interceptors. According to open sources, IRIS-T SLM air defense system launchers are employed to protect the city of Kiev against Russian attacks.

According to the German Government, Berlin will supply Ukraine with an additional six units of IRIS-T SLM air defense system.



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