Israel develops new protection system for Merkava main battle tanks

By Arie Egozi

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), in collaboration with some Israeli defence companies, are working on developing systems to protect the Merkava tank from warheads of anti-tank rockets dropped from drones.


The interim solution, the so-called “cope cage,” was hastily put on the tanks immediately after the war broke out on October 7.

Israeli tanks have been spotted in Gaza with the so-called “cope cages,” hastily built metal armor designed to set off anti-tank charges before they come into contact with the tank itself.

This interim solution is effective to a point, but more advanced protection systems are now being evaluated. Sources say that the systems will have a sensor that will detect the drone as it approaches the tank and destroy it in the air.



Israeli defence companies have developed anti-drone systems, and the system for the protection of the Merkava MBT and other armored vehicles from drones dropping warheads on anti-tank rockets will be based on similar technologies.

The Israeli Merkava tanks are equipped with the Rafael Trophy active protection systems (APS), but this system protects the tank from horizontal threats.

The air-dropped warheads from drones were first used in the Ukraine war.



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