IDF uncovers largest tunnel under Gaza in “Metro City” network

By Arie Egozi

The Israel defence forces (IDF) have exposed the largest tunnel under Gaza , part of what is refereed to as "Metro City". The tunnel was built by the Hamas terror organization.


The tunnel reaches as deep as 50 meters underground, is over four kilometers long, and is at points wide enough for a large vehicle to drive through.


To date, the IDF has exposed hundreds of terror tunnel shafts throughout the Gaza Strip. Many are built from reinforced concrete and are equipped with electricity, ventilation, sewage, communication networks and rails, like the one we are exposing. Over the past 70 days, the IDF has exposed multiple examples where these tunnels were built under hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other sensitive sites. The IDF continues to use advanced operational, intelligence and technological means to eliminate Hamas’ network of terror tunnels across the Gaza Strip.



The ground forces, using operational field intelligence, have provided a lot of information about Hamas’ terror tunnels project, and have helped to advance both our knowledge and our maps of the tunnels. From the beginning of the war till now, the IDF has been operating to locate and destroy dozens of attack tunnel routes, as part of the systematic dismantling of Hamas infrastructure.

“Hamas has persistently and deliberately invested enormous amounts of money and resources into terrorist tunnels that serve only one purpose – attacking the State of Israel and its residents. This strategic attack tunnel network, large enough to drive vehicles through, was spearheaded by Muhammad Sinwar and intentionally dug near a crossing dedicated to the movement of Gazans into Israel for work and medical care,” said Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, the IDF International Spokesperson. “For Hamas, attacking the people of Israel continues to take priority over supporting the people of Gaza.”


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The complex tunnel network was constructed by a team of dozens of specifically trained operatives from southern Gaza. The team leveraged dedicated digging equipment that was smuggled into Gaza to excavate the tunnel.

Like other tunnels throughout Gaza, the tunnel network has multiple branches, electricity and sewage facilities installed, and blast doors to block access. The tunnel displays other construction characteristics, such as extensive concrete arches and multiple access shafts.


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Over the past few weeks, IDF ground forces and combat engineering forces from the Gaza Division, including soldiers from the Yahalom Unit have been conducting an extensive operation against Hamas’ terror tunnels. The unit leverages advanced technological capabilities to expose, assess, secure and dismantle Hamas terrorist tunnels.

The IDF is continuing to use various operational and technological means to eliminate Hamas’ network of attack terror tunnels across the Gaza Strip.



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