Israel’s defence export growing. Europe is the second largest market

By Defence Industry Europe

Israel's defence industry witnessed a significant boost in exports, with Europe emerging as the largest customer, according to the Defence Ministry's announcement on Tuesday. The country exported a record-breaking $12.556 billion worth of defence products last year, with new Arab partners, fostered through the U.S.-sponsored 2020 Abraham Accords, contributing nearly a quarter of the business.

The ministry reported that the 2022 export figures demonstrated a remarkable 50% increase over the previous three years, effectively doubling the export volume over the past decade. Notably, drones accounted for 25% of the total exports, while missiles, rockets, and air defence systems comprised 19% of the exported products.

While specific clients were not mentioned, the ministry revealed that 24% of the defence exports were to countries involved in the Abraham Accords. The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were signatories to the accords, and Israel often includes Morocco and Sudan as part of this agreement as well.

Geographically, Asia and the Pacific region accounted for 30% of Israeli defence exports, followed closely by Europe at 29%. Additionally, North America constituted 11% of the export market.


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The robust growth in Israeli defence exports highlights the country’s thriving defence industry and its expanding collaborations with international partners. The Defence Ministry’s figures reflect the successful implementation of the Abraham Accords, which not only fostered new relationships in the Arab world but also facilitated increased trade and cooperation in the defence sector.

Israel’s expertise in advanced defence technologies, including drones and missile systems, has positioned it as a sought-after supplier in the global market. The strong demand for Israeli defence products underscores their effectiveness and reliability in addressing evolving security challenges.

As Israel continues to strengthen its partnerships and explore new avenues for collaboration, the defence industry’s export success serves as a testament to the country’s innovation, capabilities, and growing role in international security efforts.


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