Key representatives of the Polish and European space sector will meet in Warsaw

Source: Polish Space Industry Association

The Polish Space Strategy, space technologies in the service of security and cooperation with foreign entities are the main topics of the fourth edition of the Space Sector Forum. The event will bring together Polish space-related entrepreneurs, representatives of the government and administration, as well as guests from the European Space Agency and leading European companies. The most important economic event on the space map of Poland will take place on June 4 in Warsaw.


Recent years have been a time of intensive development for the Polish space sector. Raising the membership fee to the European Space Agency, the announcement of participation of a Pole in a flight to the International Space Station and the decision to create a Polish satellite constellation are just examples of the events from recent months. Participants of the most important space conference in Poland – the Space Sector Forum – will discuss key achievements, but above all opportunities and challenges facing the Polish space sector.

During the Forum three panel discussions will be held, regarding the topics of Polish Space Strategy and the National Space Program, opportunities for cooperation between Poland and European entities, and Space Security.


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Polish space sector has been steadily developing for decades, but recently we have seen that changes in its image are occurring much faster. Therefore, during this year’s edition of the Space Sector Forum, we want to invite participants to talk about the condition of our sector, how to wisely take advantage of the opportunities that open up to us in connection with participation in ESA programs, but also what challenges, for example in the area of security, we will face in the coming years, points out Paweł Wojtkiewicz, President of the Board of the Polish Space Industry Association.

Space Sector Forum will take place on June 4 at Expo XXI in Prądzyńskego Street in Warsaw, returning to the stationary formula after the 2021 online edition. This is the fourth edition of the event organized by the Polish Space Industry Association since 2016. Each time the Forum is attended by about 400 participants: representatives of companies, research centers, government and administration. The event consists of a conference part, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience of the space sector, and an exhibition part, where Polish companies can present their latest technologies and projects. Participants will also be able to take advantage of workshops aimed at companies and institutions operating in the space sector. A detailed program for the event is being developed and will be announced soon.


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Participation in the Space Sector Forum is free, but attendees must register their participation using the form on the organizer’s website: Registration is a two-stage process – accepted participants will receive confirmation of their invitation to attend the event by email.


The co-organizers of the 2024 Space Sector Forum are the Ministry of Development and Technology, Polish Space Agency and the Industrial Development Agency. The Ministry of Science and the National Contact Point for EU Research Programs at NCRD have assumed honorary patronage of the event, and the European Space Foundation and the New Space Foundation have become patrons.


Polish Space Industry Association is the longest operating organization representing the interests of space sector employers in Poland. The union was established in 2012 and today brings together more than 60 entities. Among them are large, medium and small enterprises and research institutes that operate in the space sector, providing products and services to institutional and commercial customers at home and abroad.


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PSIA participates in consultations on key normative acts, program assumptions and institutional solutions for the space sector. PSIA also seeks the best possible regulatory, structural and business solutions that can strengthen the space sector in Poland. In addition, the Space Sector Employers’ Union works to increase Polish participation in European Union space programs, programs of the European Space Agency as well as the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites and the European Southern Observatory.

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