KNDS confirms its ambitions in Belgium

Source: KNDS

Christophe Monnier has been appointed managing director for KNDS in Belgium. Mecar, a company of KNDS, reasserts its presence in Belgium and its ambition to grow. Christophe Monnier is the first managing director for KNDS in a European country.

As managing director for KNDS in Belgium, Christophe Monnier is one of the key contacts for the Belgian armed forces. He is responsible for establishing the Group’s strategy locally and advising KNDS management on development opportunities.


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Established in Belgium since 1938, Mecar, a company of KNDS has over 200 employees. Being the major supplier of ammunition to the Belgian army, Mecar aims to expand into systems and support activities, in addition to its ammunition expertise. By 2022, the company has achieved sales of €100 million, and is on course to achieve the same figure by 2023.


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Today, Mecar is a major stakeholder in the CaMo programme, in light of all the company’s activities involved. In addition to its support for the Belgian armed forces, Mecar is assisting the Belgian Ministry of Defence in its support for Ukraine.



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