KNDS records historic order growth in 2023, leading European defence industry

By Lukasz Prus (Defence Industry Europe)

KNDS, a Franco-German defence technology conglomerate, has announced a record-breaking increase in its order intake for the fiscal year 2023, with growth surpassing 130% compared to the previous year. This significant surge positions KNDS at the forefront of the European defence industry, outpacing the largest 15 defence companies in Europe.


The company, formed by the merger of KMW and Nexter in 2015, reported an order intake of EUR 7.8 billion, driven primarily by major programs including the Leopard 2A8, enhancements to existing infantry fighting vehicle programs, and the CAESAR artillery systems. An increased demand for various calibers of ammunition also contributed to the robust order backlog, which stood at EUR 15.7 billion by year-end.

Despite the impressive order intake, KNDS also saw a modest sales growth of 2.5%, totaling EUR 3.3 billion for the year. The company attributed this growth to key deliveries such as the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks, PzH 2000 tracked howitzers, and vehicles under the Scorpion program, along with a steady supply of artillery ammunition to European armies.

The workforce of KNDS has expanded in response to its growing operations, reaching 9,491 employees by the end of 2023. This growth reflects the company’s enhanced production capabilities and its commitment to meeting the increasing demands of modern military operations.

With a diverse product range that includes main battle tanks, armored vehicles, artillery systems, and an extensive array of support and services, KNDS is a pivotal player in the land defence sector. Its recent contracts, such as the midlife upgrade of 322 FENNEK vehicles for the Netherlands Army and the supply of 24 LEGUAN bridge layers to the German Bundeswehr, underscore its central role in European and global defence markets.

As KNDS continues to innovate and expand its market reach, its strategic importance to the defence capabilities of France, Germany, and its other international clients is more pronounced than ever. The company’s success is a testament to its strong leadership in the highly competitive field of military technology and defence production.



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