MilDef launches new Panel PC technology

Source: MilDef

MilDef, a systems integrator and full-spectrum provider specializing in rugged IT, presents a newly developed Panel PC with a rapidly detachable computer module for the next level of operational flexibility. The unique combination of display and computer enables groundbreaking use of computers and displays in military operations. The system has been implemented on combat-ready platforms.


MilDef’s Panel PC integrates a ruggedized display and detachable computer into an “intelligent display”. The retractable and space-efficient computer can be prepared for missions, plugged into the opened display before missions, and taken away after missions to analyze data. The unique feature is that the computer is extremely easy to quickly detach from the display, while both the computer module and the display section can be used standalone. The Panel PC has undergone rigorous testing for ruggedization and can withstand significant electromagnetic demands, whether in air, land or sea applications.



Fredrik Persson, MilDef CTO, emphasizes its significance:

“The Panel PC technology represents a powerful evolutionary step in ruggedized and smart display systems. Adaptability and cost-effectiveness have been guiding principles in the development process to offer a unique solution with significant benefits in military operations. In our solution, new computer modules can be easily integrated with existing display modules without replacing the entire system, for both increased operational security and life cycle economy”.



The displays are available from 10 inches upwards, with HD and resilient multitouch. The display features NVIS backlighting with a dimmable touchscreen and configurable function keys for individualized settings. An on-screen display can be added for simplified display navigation.



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