Moldova interested in cooperation with Polish defence industry

By Defence Industry Europe

Another European country has expressed interest in cooperation with the Polish defence industry. On February 7, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Moldova signed an agreement with the Polish company Mesko (a subsidiary of the Polish state-owned defence group PGZ), which is a manufacturer of, among other things, man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) Piorun. This weapon has performed very well during the full-scale armed conflict in Ukraine.


Only scant information has been disclosed about the scope of the agreement signed. According to the Moldovan defence ministry’s statement, it is known only that the signed document concerns the technical modernisation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova.

Moreover, during a special meeting held at the Polish Embassy in Chisinau, representatives of the Moldovan armed forces became acquainted with the profile and product offering of Mesko.



Mesko is one of the leading Polish defence companies. Its product portfolio includes 122mm and 152mm artillery ammunition, 98mm mortar ammunition, small and medium calibre ammunition, as well as 120mm and 70mm rockets.

Mesko also produces anti-tank guided missiles Spike-LR under a license obtained from the Israeli company Rafael. However, the Polish company is most well-known on the international defence market for its man-portable air defence systems Grom and their improved version – Piorun.



The Piorun system has been tested in combat conditions in Ukraine. The users of this weapon system – besides the Armed Forces of Ukraine – are the Polish Armed Forces, the Estonian Defence Forces, the Norwegian Armed Forces. A contract for the purchase of the Piorun system was also signed by Georgia.

Additionally, the previous version of the system – Grom – was purchased by Lithuania and Georgia (Grom was used in combat during Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008). A small batch of the Piorun system was also purchased by the United States.



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