NATO chief calls for common standards for weapons and ammunition

By Defence Industry Europe

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged the Alliance to intensify its efforts in setting common standards for weapons and ammunition as it seeks to enhance defence production amid an ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive that is expected to deplete Western military stocks even further.

Stoltenberg announced a Defence Production Action Plan aimed at addressing stock shortfalls and improving interoperability in munitions and equipment.

While NATO enforces standards for small arms rounds, achieving interoperability for artillery shells has proven challenging due to a lack of common standards among manufacturers. Stoltenberg emphasized the need for increased action in this regard.



The NATO defence ministers’ meeting included talks with the leaders of major defence companies to discuss boosting the production of crucial ammunitions, such as artillery shells, air defence missiles, and precision-guided deep-strike munitions.

The Alliance aims to establish new targets for stockpiling battle-decisive ammunitions, addressing existing shortfalls in capability targets. Specific figures were not disclosed, as stockpiling targets for ammunitions are classified for security reasons.



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