OCCAR: Hypersonic Defence Programme (HYDEF) kicked-off

By Defence Industry Europe

The Hypersonic Defence Programme (HYDEF), a landmark initiative aiming to develop a European interceptor for hypersonic missiles, officially commenced with a Kick-off Meeting (KoM) and Core Stakeholders Workshop (CSW) in Madrid. Hosted by SMS - SISTEMAS DE MISILES DE ESPAÑA, SL, at the Escuela Politécnica Superior del Ejército - ESPOL, the event marked a significant step in collaborative defence innovation.


Representatives from HYDEF participating states Belgium, Germany, Norway, Poland, and Spain, along with 14 industrial partners from seven nations, gathered for the two-day meetings. This assembly of nations and industry leaders underscores the programme’s emphasis on cross-border collaboration and shared defence interests.


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The HYDEF programme is an ambitious endeavor focusing on the development of cutting-edge technologies for intercepting hypersonic threats. It encompasses new aerodynamics, actuator systems, agile guidance concepts, and advanced sensor systems capable of operating across different flight levels. The Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR-EA) has been appointed to manage the programme and facilitate the collaboration between participating states and the European Commission.

During the CSW, interactive sessions were held to align understanding and communication between the participating states. These discussions aimed to establish requirements for developing an interceptor that integrates seamlessly into an Integrated Air and Missile Defence system architecture. This collaborative approach is pivotal for realizing the programme’s ambitious objectives.


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Concluding with a unified commitment to success and a shared vision, the HYDEF Kick-off Meeting and Core Stakeholder Workshop signify a major stride in European defence. The programme is not just about developing a new weapon system; it represents a concerted effort to enhance the security and defense capabilities of Europe against emerging hypersonic threats.



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