Photonis acquires Israeli company El-Mul, leader in ion and electron detection solutions

Source: Photonis, Defence Industry Europe

Photonis, a global leader of electro-optical detection and imaging technologies for defence and industrial markets, held by HLD since 2021, has announced the acquisition of Israeli company El-Mul, a specialist developer and manufacturer of advanced charged particle detectors and devices.

By welcoming El-Mul along with Xenics, Telops and Proxivision acquired in the last eight months, Photonis Group pursues its diversification and establishes itself as the sole sizeable European technology platform providing differentiated detection and imaging solutions across the electromagnetic spectrum to a variety of high-growth end markets worldwide, the company said in a press release.



“With the acquisition of El-Mul, Photonis group will gain access to the Electron Microscopy and Semiconductor inspection markets from a strong leading position, will reinforce its technology leadership in the Mass Spectrometry market and accelerate its growth into industrial and commercial markets,” said  Jérôme Cerisier, CEO of Photonis Group.



El-Mul, based in Israel with 50 employees, is a well-established technology leader in the field of detection systems for Scanning Electron Microscopes for both the Analytical and Semiconductor industries as well as the field of electron and ion optics for Mass Spectrometry, having a strong position in the worldwide high-end markets.

“El-Mul has emerged as an innovative leader in electron and ion detection with the continued support of its founders and shareholders Cheifez family since 1992. Joining Photonis Group is a real opportunity to accelerate our growth. We will benefit from the group expertise, technological and commercial base, and international reach. There are also very promising synergies between our companies in terms of market, product range and R&D. Especially new R&D co-developments should bring significant added value to our customers,” commented Sasha Kadyshevitch, CEO of El-Mul.



The transaction is finalized. Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.


Since its founding in 1992, El-Mul Technologies has established itself as a leading supplier of advanced, high performance particle detectors that meet the most challenging needs of its customers. El-Mul excels in tailor-design of solutions that match customers’ requirements. Complex detection solutions which incorporate mechanical, optical and electronic components are conceived from square one through to full development, prototyping and serial manufacturing. El-Mul’s products range from traditional detection modules to state-of-the-art systems. An emphasis on innovation, confidentiality and personal service drives its business philosophy. A key strategic business goal for El-Mul is to build long-term and fruitful relationships with its customers – delivering performance, high confidence and clear value.



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