Poland: cooperation with Sweden crucial for the defence of country and region

By Lukasz Prus, Defence Industry Europe

On April 15, top officials from Poland and Sweden convened in Warsaw to discuss critical defence concerns, signaling a pivotal step in military and strategic collaboration in response to regional threats. This roundtable, organized by Poland's National Security Bureau and Sweden's Ministry of Defence, highlighted the increasingly intertwined security and defence dynamics between the two nations.


acek Siewiera, Head of Poland’s National Security Bureau, underscored the significance of Sweden’s recent NATO membership, describing it as a strategic boon for securing the Baltic Sea and allied communication lines against potential threats, notably the Russian Baltic Fleet. The inclusion of Sweden into NATO is seen as a strategic gain for the region, a sentiment echoed by Polish President Andrzej Duda, who views the expansion as enhancing the alliance’s strength in the Baltic Sea area.

The discussions also focused on the pressing issues stemming from Russian-Belarusian military cooperation and activities near NATO’s eastern flank. Officials examined NATO’s strategic adaptation and the alliance’s support for Ukraine amidst ongoing regional conflicts. The roundtable aimed to build a framework for ongoing Polish-Swedish cooperation, not just in military terms but also encompassing broader security and defence measures.

Henrik Landerholm, Sweden’s National Security Advisor, emphasized the importance of regular bilateral meetings to deepen understanding of each nation’s strategic culture. He highlighted the evolution of Poland’s role in NATO, which has shifted from being a significant member to a central and critical ally shaping Euro-Atlantic security. “With Finland and Sweden as NATO members, nearly all countries around the Baltic Sea now share a common defence, something unprecedented in the last 500 years. We are not just neighbors; we are allies,” Landerholm noted.

The roundtable serves as a continuation of the dialogues that have been co-hosted since 2018 by the respective Polish and Swedish defence bodies. The last meeting took place in 2022 in Stockholm, reflecting an ongoing commitment to these high-level discussions. This year’s event in Warsaw aimed to further these discussions, focusing on NATO defence and deterrence policies, non-military threats, and enhancing bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

As Europe faces renewed war threats, the consolidation of regional defence strategies between Poland and Sweden becomes ever more crucial. Both nations are set to play a significant role in shaping the security landscape of the Baltic region and beyond.



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