Russian Kalashnikov Group incereases production of loitering munitions

By Defence Industry Europe

Kalashnikov Group, the renowned Russian arms manufacturer famous for designing the world's most widely used assault rifle, has announced the launch of a new division dedicated to the production of loitering munitions.

In a statement, Kalashnikov Group declared the launch of a new UAV production division.

The newly established division within Kalashnikov will primarily focus on manufacturing loitering munitions. These drones are deployed to identify targets before being detonated for high-precision destruction.

“The main task of the division is the production of complexes with guided loitering munitions. The complexes are designed for high-precision destruction of remote single and group enemy ground targets,” Kalashnikov Group said in a statement.

“In 2024, we will be able to increase by several times the number of UAVs produced in our traditional niche – loitering munitions and reconnaissance drones,” said President of Kalashnikov Group, Alan Lushnikov.



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