Saab’s MK 9 Tracker Illuminator System on schedule

Source: Saab, Inc.

Saab recently completed the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) on schedule for its MK 9 Transmitter Illuminator Subsystem. PDR, the initial review of the product design by the customer, ensures that technical needs are on track to be met as the work continues.

The MK 9 tracker illuminator is a computer-operated fire-control system that provides automatic acquisition and tracking of a designated target, generates launcher and missile orders, and in the automatic mode initiates the firing command when the target comes into range.

“The completion of the preliminary design review is a vote of confidence by the customer in Saab’s martime offering,” said Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab in the U.S. “We look forward to working with the customer to complete the intial phase of the contract.”

Saab won an initial contract for USD 37.1 million in 2021. The contract has options that could extend its duration through 2030 and increase its value to $104.8 million. On this contract, Saab will do the work at our Center of Radar Excellence in Syracuse, New York. The initial phase of the contract will be complete by August 2024.



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