Sweden and Denmark sign agreement to supply CV90 vehicles to Ukraine

Sweden and Denmark have signed a joint declaration of intent to acquire additional CV90 infantry fighting vehicles for Ukraine. The Danish Defence Ministry announced that Denmark will initially contribute 1.8 billion Danish kroner financially, while Sweden will support the procurement within the framework of the agreement signed between FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) and Ukraine last summer.


Last summer, the Swedish government authorized FMV to negotiate and enter into agreements with Ukraine. This decision permits FMV to negotiate and enter into international agreements with Ukraine’s competent authority regarding the procurement of defence materials, among other things.


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“This is an important step to support Ukraine’s defence forces in collaboration with Denmark. We will utilize our industrial capability to ensure the delivery of newly produced Stridsfordon 90 (CV90) to Ukraine. Stridsfordon 90 has been, and continues to be, a significant addition to Ukraine’s defence since Sweden donated 50 vehicles earlier this year,” stated Swedish Defence Minister Pål Jonson in the Defence Department’s press release.

The Danish financial support will be part of their fourteenth support package and is to be financed through the Danish Ukraine Fund. In addition to the combat vehicles, the donation also includes spare parts, ammunition, and a multi-year maintenance agreement to ensure logistical support after delivery, as detailed by the Danish Defence Ministry.


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“The current bilateral agreement is a significant contribution to our joint ambition to continue supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom. Therefore, we are coming together to donate Swedish-produced combat vehicles that Ukraine has requested for use in their defence against Russia,” said Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen in the Defence Ministry’s press release.



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