Swedish Armed Forces to be deployed in Latvia amid NATO integration

Source: Swedish Armed Forces, Defence Industry Europe

In anticipation of its NATO membership, Swedish Armed Forces announced plans to contribute army units to Latvia as part of NATO's Forward Land Forces (FLF) concept. The FLF initiative involves multinational battle groups stationed in eight Eastern European countries, aimed at deterring potential Russian aggression against the West and NATO.


The mission in Latvia, led by a Danish division staff, will see Sweden and Denmark alternating responsibilities for setting up a battalion as part of a brigade based outside Riga. The Danish and Swedish troop contributions will rotate every six months. The Swedish component will consist of a mechanized battalion, starting as early as 2025.




While stationed in Latvia, the Swedish forces plan to continue training in a multinational context with other divisions, focusing primarily on deterrence. Although there is no formal government decision yet on the contribution, the army is actively planning for the mission.

“This will be one of the army’s most visible initial contributions to NATO’s collective defence, a task we take very seriously,” said Major General Jonny Lindfors, the Chief of the Army. “The ability to provide military support outside our borders is crucial for our future role in NATO, just as the ability to receive military support in Sweden is.”

The South Scanian Regiment (P 7) is designated as the first unit to be deployed following Sweden’s NATO membership, with approximately 600 personnel involved.



“We have started planning for this mission, and assuming a decision is made, we are ready to fulfill the task,” stated Colonel Lennart Wideström, commander of P 7.

NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) forces are present in eight Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. These battle groups vary in size and troop composition, adapted to specific geographic conditions in each host country. Sweden’s contribution in Latvia will be led by a Danish division commander and will primarily involve personnel from the 71st battalion.



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