Terma to supply SCANTER 6000 radars to upgrade Norwegian navy Skjold-class corvettes

By Defence Industry Europe

Danish defence technology provider, Terma, is set to play a significant role in the upgrade of the Norwegian Navy's Skjold-class corvettes.

As part of the comprehensive modernization project led by Umoe and Kongsberg, Terma will supply its advanced SCANTER 6000 radars.

The upgrade includes the installation of a new combat management system and aims to enhance the corvettes’ operational capabilities and extend their lifespan. Terma’s SCANTER 6000 radars have successfully completed tests, showcasing their exceptional performance in detecting small and large targets even in adverse weather conditions.


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Terma disclosed that the SCANTER 6000 radars have successfully completed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the radars last week. These tests have further validated the robustness and reliability of the radars, ensuring their seamless integration into the upgraded corvettes.

The SCANTER 6000 radar system has already been deployed on various navy ships around the world, including those of the Danish, American, French, German, and UAE navies. Its proven track record and exceptional performance make it an ideal choice for the Skjold-class corvettes, further enhancing their operational capabilities and situational awareness.



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