Turkish company FNSS unveils PARS SCOUT 8×8 vehicle [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

Turkish defense company FNSS has released a video showcasing its latest works, which will be presented for the first time at IDEF23 exhibition. The video highlights the PARS SCOUT 8X8 vehicle, based on the design of the PARS SCOUT 6x6 tactical wheeled Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

According to FNSS, the PARS SCOUT 8×8  special purpose tactical wheeled vehicles provide high mobility in all terrain conditions and superior ballistic and mine protection and are equipped with modern technologies, providing strategic advantages to their users, including a high situational awareness. The PARS SCOUT 6×6 and 8×8 are designed especially for reconnaissance and internal security operations.



PARS SCOUT 8×8 has a power-to-weightratio of 20 Hp/ton (includes payload), and reaches a maximum road speed of up to 100 km/h and is capable of manoeuvring on 60% vertical and a 30% side slope, climbing 0.7 meters high obstacles and crossing the 2 meters trenches.



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Thanks to the engine layout and its balanced design, the vehicle’s axle loads are almost equal. This design approach provides the vehicle with the ability to move comfortably even on loose and rough terrain while also providing maximum control at high-speed and short braking distances. The central tire inflation system (CTIS) allows the driver to adjust tire pressure to suit different terrains.

Under favour of hydro-pneumatic suspension system, the vehicle has the best road holding and ride height for different road conditions. PARS SCOUT 8×8’s turning radius and the tire wear are minimized thanks to AWS (All Wheel Steering) System. PARS SCOUT 8×8 has a range of over 800 km, and it has under-armour protected fuel tanks. The vehicle is fitted with run-flat tires and with a self-recovery winch.



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