UK orders six Airbus H145 helicopters for overseas operations

By Defence Industry Europe

The UK's Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) has awarded a £122 million contract to procure six Airbus H145 helicopters to enhance aviation support for British troops in Brunei and Cyprus. Announced initially in November 2023, these helicopters are set to replace the temporary Puma HC2 service, bolstering long-term military commitments in these regions.


The Airbus H145, already integral to the UK Military Flying Training System, will primarily support jungle training and medical evacuations in Brunei. In Cyprus, the helicopters will be stationed in the Sovereign Base Areas, aiding in training, military exercises, emergency responses, and aerial firefighting, including joint operations with the Republic of Cyprus.

This acquisition aligns with recent Defence Acquisition Reforms aimed at ensuring cost-efficiency and rapid delivery of critical military capabilities, according to the Minister for Defence Procurement, James Cartlidge.

Keith Bethell, Director of Helicopters at DE&S, highlighted the agility of the acquisition process, which promises modern, reliable support for the diverse needs of British Forces. The new Airbus H145 helicopters are expected to commence their duties by 2026.



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