US and Baltics sign bilateral defence cooperation road maps

Source: Ministry of Defence of Latvia

Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian defence officials travelled to Washington for the signing of bilateral road maps for defence cooperation with the United States of America for the next five years.


Bilateral defence cooperation road maps define bilateral defence cooperation and national security areas that will be covered until 2028. Rad maps detail joint activities  aimed at strengthening US and Baltic military capabilities and interoperability on bilateral basis.

Stronger NATO deterrence posture and capabilities required to face any regional threats emanating from potential aggressors are a priority of all three bilateral defence cooperation road maps.



Additionally, the agreements convey the Secretary of Defence’s intention to provide heel-to-toe persistent rotational presence of US forces in each Baltic State.

Moreover, roadmaps promote defence cooperation in defence areas such as  air and missile defence, information technologies and cybersecurity, international military operations, military infrastructure development and other fields.



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