Defence company VOP CZ starts repairs of Ukrainian T-64 tanks

By Defence Industry Europe

Czech state-owned defence company VOP CZ will soon begin repairs on Ukrainian T-64 tanks, according to the Czech Ministry of Defence. For security reasons, the precise number of tanks scheduled for servicing in the Czech Republic in the coming months cannot be specified, as the tanks will be deployed directly to the battlefield.

VOP CZ defence company entered into a contract for the repair and modernization of Ukrainian Army T-64 tanks based on a memorandum signed with Ukrainian defence holding Ukroboronprom in February of this year.

“The Czech Republic supports and will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. We provide surplus military equipment, train Ukrainian soldiers, and now we are assisting with the repairs of Ukrainian equipment. We offer our knowledge and capabilities in training and repairs and gain invaluable experience from the Ukrainians in combat,” stated Defence Minister Jana Černochová.

By the end of this year, VOP CZ will repair an undisclosed number of T-64 machines of Soviet origin.

“For VOP CZ, this is a great opportunity to repair equipment that will then be sent directly to the front lines,” said company director Marek Špok. He added that his company’s employees visited Ukroboronprom factories in Ukraine in recent weeks to establish mutual cooperation.

According to Špok, the tanks have been stored for decades and require complete dismantling, replacement of numerous spare parts, and full restoration of combat capability. “In general, modernization will be carried out under the technical supervision of Ukrainian experts, considering their direct involvement. The tanks will be equipped with optical observation systems, improved communication, and more,” explained Špok, noting that all operations will be conducted with increased security measures.

“We are grateful to our Czech colleagues for their partnership, and we believe in the excellent prospects of our cooperation. The agreements reached with VOP CZ fulfill the contract to create a joint defence cluster with the Czech Republic, concluded by Ukroboronprom and the Agency for Inter-Governmental Defence Cooperation (AMOS) at the end of last year. The collaboration includes the production of military equipment, increased production of ammunition of various calibers (both in existing facilities and newly established secure locations), the development of maintenance and repair service hubs for anti-aircraft weapons, as well as cooperation in cutting-edge technologies, particularly the establishment of joint scientific research centers,” stated Ukroboronprom CEO Yuriy Husyev.



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