WB Electronics signs a significant framework agreement for FlyEye drones

By Defence Industry Europe

On September 5, the Polish Armament Agency has signed a framework agreement with WB Electronics, the leading company of the WB Group, for the purchase of over 400 systems of FlyEye unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by 2035. Each system consist of four FlyEye drones and one ground control station.


This agreement also includes a logistics and training package, Armament Agency said in a statement.

A standard system consist  of four drones and a ground control station. If the concluded framework contract is fully utilized, it may result in the delivery of nearly 1,700 reconnaissance UAVs to the Polish Armed Forces.


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Between 2010 and 2019, the Polish army received a total of 31 FlyEye systems, equating to 124 drones. Under the most recent contract worth PLN 50 million, signed on February 15, 2022, between the Armament Agency and WB Electronics, the acquisition of 11 additional systems (44 UAVs) was ordered, with deliveries scheduled for 2022-2023.



FlyEye drones are designed for aerial image reconnaissance using optoelectronic gimbals equipped with cameras capable of recording images in both daylight and with the use of thermovision. The system has undergone successful testing within the Polish Armed Forces, where it performs tasks for both the regular forces and the territorial defence, as well as during military operations in Ukraine.



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