SILENT NETWORK provides an information advantage while reducing the electromagnetic signature. By using an airborne router the power of the radio can be reduced by more than 70%. SILENT NETWORK allows to ensure communication in any area (buildings, forests or mountains) via the UAV-equipped transmitter.

The introduction of FlyEye-based SILENT NETWORK provides users with simultaneous air reconnaissance, communication node and access to combined fire. SILENT NETWORK reduces the load carried by soldiers on the battlefield by eliminating of backpack radios.

SILENT NETWORK provides retransmissions of data packets sent by nodes located on the ground. A flying router operating at an altitude of several hundred meters increases the effective range of communication to several dozen kilometers. This allows to provide radio communication for a battalion-sized unit.

SILENT NETWORK enables voice communication as well as the transmission of data and images. The combination of low power and variable transmission frequency (fast hopping) in a very short time (millisecond pulse) reduces the probability of unit detection.

SILENT NETWORK is a low-emission network, difficult to detect for the enemy’s electronic warfare. It allows to introduce radio silence mode at any time. The re-activation of the network takes only a few seconds and can be done by any personal radio in the network.

The SILENT NETWORK system can use a larger number of unmanned aerial vehicles, which enables scalability. In this way, an extensive communication network covering a large area is obtained. It remains under the full control of the user and can be developed at any place and time.